●Type: Yu Lin Bituminous Coal, Lignite Coal, Washed Coal and so on.

●Size: Large Coal(5cm-10cm), 3cm-8cm Lump Coal, 2cm-5cm Seed Coal, Powdered Coal(≤6mm)and so on.

●Calorific Value: 4500 KCAL/KG-5500 KCAL/KG

●Usage: Thermal Power Plant, Cement Lime, Ceramic Factory, Boiler, Civil Heating, Metallurgical Casting Industry and so on.

  • 3cm-8cm Lump Coal: Normally it means the lump coal in size of 3cm-8cm.
    Usage: Mainly used in glass factory, ceramic factory, ceramic tile factory, metallurgical casting industry and so on.
  • 2cm-5cm Seed Coal: It generally means the seed coal with size 2cm-5cm.
    Usage: Mainly used in thermal power plant, civil heating, boiler, building materials, metallurgical casting industry and so on.
  • Powdered Coal: Maximum powder size is 6mm. It has good decomposability and low moisture content as advantage, which make the coal being ideal industrial raw materials.
    Usage: Industry boilers, cement lime, fired brick, and so on.